Development and Deployment of an Online Doctor Booking and Video Consulting Platform

Development and Deployment of an Online Doctor Booking and Video Consulting Platform

This case study focuses on the journey of ObjectSol Technologies in developing and deploying an online doctor consulting video medicine platform. The aim of the platform was to provide a convenient and accessible solution for patients to consult with doctors remotely, ensuring timely healthcare services in a digital format. The case study highlights the challenges faced during the development process, the strategies employed to overcome them, and the successful deployment of the platform.

Client Testimonial

"Working with ObjectSol Technologies on our online doctor booking and video consulting platform has been a truly transformative experience. Their team's professionalism, technical expertise, and unwavering support have made the entire development and deployment process smooth and enjoyable. Our doctor booking platform is now seamless, user-friendly, and reliable, exceeding our expectations."

Client Introduction

A leading indian HealthCare company recognized the growing demand for remote healthcare services, especially in critical situations and remote areas, where physical access to healthcare facilities was limited or inconvenient. To address this need, they decided to on-board ObjectSol on the development of an online doctor consulting video medicine platform.


  • Security and Privacy: Developing a platform that complies with strict healthcare data privacy regulations was crucial to safeguard sensitive patient information.
  • Scalability: The platform needed to handle a potentially large number of concurrent video consultations without compromising on performance.
  • User Experience: Ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for both doctors and patients was paramount to drive adoption.
  • Integration with EHR Systems: The platform had to integrate seamlessly with the healthcare organization's existing Electronic Health Records (EHR) system to maintain patient records efficiently.
CMS Diagram

Development Process

The development process was divided into multiple stages, including:

  • Backend Development: A robust backend infrastructure was built to handle user management, appointment scheduling, video streaming, and secure data storage.
  • Frontend Development: The user interface was designed with a focus on simplicity and intuitive navigation, ensuring a seamless user experience for both patients and doctors.
  • Integration of Video Conferencing: Integration of a reliable and secure video conferencing solution was a critical aspect of the platform. Several options were evaluated, and the chosen solution was integrated into the platform's architecture.
  • Security and Compliance: Stringent security measures were implemented to protect patient data and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing procedures were implemented to identify and resolve any bugs or performance issues. User feedback was also collected during the testing phase to improve the platform's usability.
  • Scalability Testing: The platform underwent rigorous load and stress testing to ensure it could handle a significant number of simultaneous video consultations without performance degradation.
  • Beta Testing: The platform was released to a select group of users for beta testing. Feedback from users was invaluable in identifying and addressing issues and making improvements.

Functions & Features:

Doctor Search: Users can search the doctors by name, location, and speciality and can see their profile, ratings & reviews.

Appointment Availability: Users can see the availability for the doctor they selected and the time-slot and date on which they can book a session.

Appointment Notification: Once the user has selected the slot for appointment, doctor’s office would approve the same from their end and a notification would be sent to user confirming the same.

Documents Submission: The user can submit their earlier reports and write their symptoms, which the doctor will be able to see, & assess before their video call.

Video-Medicine: The user & doctor shall be connected through a video conferencing within gthe platform

Prescription & Doctor’s notes: The doctor will be able to write the medicines, causes and the restrictions for the patient that will be automatically converted into a prescription, which the user can download at their end.

Medicines & Diagnosis Availability: The user after downloading the prescription can locate the availability of the prescribed medicines near their area & can compare their prices across different outlets. The same would be available for diagnostic centres.

CMS Diagram

Deployment and Launch

Cloud Infrastructure: TechHealth Solutions utilized a scalable cloud infrastructure to host the platform, ensuring high availability and reliability.

Rollout Strategy: The platform was rolled out in phases, starting with a controlled launch in a specific region and gradually expanding to other areas.

User Training and Support: The team provided training to doctors and patients on how to use the platform effectively.

Results and Benefits

The implementation phase involved the following key activities:

Convenience and Accessibility: Patients could now consult with doctors from their homes, reducing travel time and expenses.

Reduced Wait Times: The platform improved the efficiency of medical consultations, leading to reduced wait times for patients.

Expanded Reach: The platform facilitated consultations for patients in remote areas with limited access to healthcare facilities. Cost savings for patients who avoided travel expenses and associated inconveniences.

Streamlined Healthcare Processes: Integration with the EHR system enabled seamless sharing of patient information, improving overall healthcare processes.

Increased Revenue: The Health Ministry experienced a boost in revenue due to increased patient visits and improved operational efficiency.

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