Learn The Real Truth Behind The Legality of IPTV Apps

It is noticed with the present generation that they are leaning towards digital entertainment media’s sp. IPTV. This word “IPTV” is day by day becoming a buzzword. IPTV is the latest addition in cord-cutting technology. The young generation wants to watch the latest episodes of their favourite channels in their television sets & IPTV apps is the solution.

But have you wondered, exactly what IPTV is? Is it really legal to watch them? Let’s discuss these issues in depth.

Definition of IPTV

IPTV or Internet Protocol Television is a catchy term that refers to any television that uses the web to broadcast the channels. IPTV is the latest upgrade to the traditional means of entertainment.

You will be surprised to know that there are several forms of IPTV which exists, some of which are:

  1. TV channels for the web like Sling TV, Cheddar TV, PlayStation Vue, etc.
  2. Live TV offering websites.
  3. IPTV App plugins like Plex, Kodi, etc.
  4. IPTV services for third-party subscriptions.
  5. Good IPTV apps for top TV networks like Fox Now, BBC iPlayer, etc.

Even Amazon Prime & Netflix also come under this category. But it has to be kept in mind that these two are not on-demand video services & they don’t broadcast live TV shows.

The issue on the Legality of IPTV Apps

If you ask me that is IPTV legal, then the answer varies.

Allow me to elaborate on my point:

At first, let’s check out the details of some of the IPTVs I mentioned before & see whether they are authentic or not. If you ask about the web TV service providers then I can guarantee you that they are all legal. Even all of their channels have a government license.

About The Legality of IPTV Apps of Major TV Service Providers

It is surprising to know that each of these online TV service providers is owned by multiple telecom companies. AT&T, Comcast & Disney owns Hulu TV partially. If you ask about the IPTV apps developed by IPTV apps development companies or the apps owned by online TV networks, then my answer is they are all legal. But you have to be very careful while using these apps. If you by chance bypass their geo-blocking rules then it’s a clear sign of violation of their rules. This will surely result in your ban from using their apps in the near future. Even some service providers offer a free subscription of live TV shows. Even they also have premium plans to increase the channel limit.

Numerous websites also exists which offers live TV shows without having the ownership rights sp. the Sports Channels. Those sports fans know exactly which websites to see in this category.

These categories of websites are purely illegal. Those developers who built these type of sites are tried in courts across nations and are thrown in prisons.

Issues with IPTV App Plugins

Some of the TV apps have IPTV plugins. You can access to IPTV facilities with the help of these plugins. Out of these plugins, some are owned by authentic companies, some use APIs to provide IPTV facilities & some plugins are fully illegal.

About The Plugin Exodus

In the US, some plugins like “Exodus” are completely illegal under federal laws. Under these laws, the federal court will hold responsible for those companies for distributing these illegal plugins & un-registered contents & allows people to use contents without checking the copyright issues.

About Some Illegal IPTV Subscription Service Providers

Some companies provide services of IPTV subscription. You can check in top social media sites like Reddit & get to know about several IPTV providers who easily provide TV channels live across the world. For that, they used to charge anything from as less as $4 per month to $30 per month.

These IPTV providers are very standard & have a variety of web apps & even their IPTV apps are compatible with mobile devices like Roku, Android TV, etc. These types of IPTV service providers are clearly illegal. These providers are putting themselves in complete threat from the government actions against them. It is clearly mentioned in the respective government laws that they will definitely take action against the channel uploaders of these sites but not against the people who download from them.

What Will Happen if You Watch IPTV in Any European Country?

In European countries, it is very hard to watch illegal streaming. The European Court of Justice has clearly defined that it is against the law to stream copyrighted contents without permissions. In those countries, if someone is caught viewing copyright streaming illegally then the original owner of the video can contact personally to the viewer & ask him/her about a settlement or can sue them in the court.

There are numerous examples of people over the internet that has faced severe punishment & fines for viewing illegally streaming videos.

What Happens in United States For Illegal Viewing of IPTV?

In the US, there is a false concept that it is absolutely OK to view streaming videos but downloading them is absolutely illegal. But this is completely a false concept.

Truth is, if you watch any streaming video which requires buffering then you are actually illegally downloading that video in your computer locally. It’s seriously against the law. Some people even make a duplicate copy of those videos in the caches.

Transitory Period

But confusion arises in this whole scenario. A video exists for a certain period of time called the Transitory Period. But no government law has mentioned about the time which is considered as the Transitory Period. In reality, an innumerable amount of people are viewing copyrighted videos online daily but it is very rare that companies use to sue any particular individual. But there are exceptions also. There is an incident where the court sued a woman of amount millions of dollars for illegally downloading more than 20 songs.

Practice Safe Harbor

IPTV App Developed by Objectsol

If you face this type of situation in future then I advise you to practice “safe harbor”. This “safe harbor” saves people who are not aware of these infringement laws. If you get caught watching illegal streaming stuff then you can defend yourself that you were not aware of those laws. But still, there is no guarantee that you will be relieved from the accusations. If the law official proves that you have a long history of viewing such streaming contents then everything will be against you & no one can help you get hefty penalties or long prison sentences.

About Kodi Player

Although there are several companies who provide IPTV services in the US legally but still there also exists several thousand companies who stream illegally. As I have already mentioned about the Kodi player which is completely legal stuff. They have add-ons & plugins by which we can see streaming videos. But you can’t know whether they are legal or not. Everyone knows that a movie which is just launched & shown in movie theatres if is taped in mobile phones & uploaded online for download then it is Piracy. So, you will be in serious trouble if you download it or even watch it.

How To Dodge Government Agencies For Viewing Illegal IPTV Streaming?

You must watch those pirated contents using proxy IPs of VPNs. VPNs help people watching those types of contents without getting caught. In US, you have to be very careful while using these streaming contents otherwise you will lose thousands of Dollars as fine to Government officials. Always use VPNs no matter in any case. Even don’t download or make a duplicate of those videos.

Tracking a person viewing a streaming content with VPN is very hard but if you make a duplicate of that video or some person accuses you of watching then you will be in serious trouble.

How To Pay For Illegal Viewing Illegal Streaming?

There are a lot of ways to view streaming videos including VPN. Bitcoin is one. The government can trace your transaction details if you use your personal credit or debit cards. But this can’t happen with Bitcoins.

If you are unable to pay using Bitcoin then you can use prepaid credit cards or Paypal accounts but still, your account remains vulnerable to the provider.

Basic Steps To Take For Paying Through Bitcoin

Create fake email ids with recommended mail providers like Protonmail or Mailfence. You just need an email to contact your IPTV provider. Now contact any local Bitcoin provider and pay the money in cash for your Bitcoins. Use fake details like emails & contact names & even use false Paypal accounts for your transactions. Use prepaid credit cards or Master cards while purchasing. Make sure you use VPNs in the entire process.

The above steps will surely help you in the long run but still, you are not safe. At last, everything depends on the person. It depends upon him/her how he/she wants to see the streaming videos, legally or illegally. Our intention is not to advise people to use Kodi or other IPTV services. Again it’s completely the choice of the user, exactly how he/she wants to.

Once again I want to say that viewing streaming content is completely illegal. Availing the services of IPTV which doesn’t promote copyright contents is completely illegal. It is to be noted that if the service providers share the copyright contents then it’s OK.

Legal IPTV Providers Are Facing Huge Financial Loss

The appeals for IPTV apps are so appealing that an increasing number of people are going for illegal streaming. Illegal apps used to provide innumerable streaming videos ranging from the latest Hollywood movies to live sports. We understand that there is a huge market of illegal paid streaming services but people used to forget that the authentic IPTV providers are facing a huge financial loss due to these illegal streaming. Even in Reddit also you can find several illegal IPTV providers. If you subscribe to these IPTV providers then you can access to a large number of live TV channels all around the world. As these providers are not controlled by any Government body so they can disappear anytime from the net duping your money.

Risk of Getting Affected By Malwares & Viruses

Now if a user at some time stumbled to their illegal services then you must have noticed that those illegal sites contain a lot of ads. But point to be noted is that these ads are not at all Google ads. All these ads point to dangerous malware & viruses. Whenever you want to access anything in the site then these ads will appear in large numbers & you have to close all of them to access the contents. Any wrong click & your machine becomes a sitting duck for malware. So use those illegal IPTV providers at your own risk.

These illegal IPTV providers are not at all trustworthy. Whenever you want to access these services then most of these illegal streaming videos will not work or start to buffer. This may happen that those videos stop running during the middle of an interesting show.

Steps Your ISP Will Take Against You For Viewing Illegal Streaming

But beware!!! If you use illegal streaming for a long time then your Internet Service Provider may disable your internet connection. It doesn’t matter you are downloading movies or TV shows via Torrents or viewing illegal streaming videos. Initially, you will get a warning email or letter from your internet provider but if you ignore them & repeatedly try to view illegal streaming then they will definitely disable or disconnect your internet connection.

Choose Legal IPTV Service Providers

Why do you want to opt for illegal service providers? Instead, you can choose legal service providers. There are a lot of legal IPTV service providers who provides apps, streaming services, add-ons & plugins which are legal & you will get legal free access to a huge amount of TV shows, movies & sports live.

About Kodi Boxes & How Criminals Use Them For Viewing Illegal Streaming

All of the major online sites like eBay, Amazon, Flipkart have banned the Kodi boxes which are used to access these illegal IPTV service providers. But it is noticed recently that these boxes still appear in those major online platforms. Facebook has gone further by banning those products which have Kodi pre-installed in them. The criminals who are expert in using those Kodi boxes are also expert in dodging these online platforms by misspelling the search terms. So, there must be a tighter & strict rule to stop these criminals from using these platforms for buying illegal items to view illegal streaming videos.