IPTV or OTT? Which One Will Ever Rule The World?

OTT & IPTV Applications for Devices

Whenever we talk on the topics of online video streaming then we often discusses Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) & Over the Top (OTT) services or IPTV OTT mobile apps. Just don’t get angry if you don’t understand these terms & they really confuse you out. Just relax!! We are here to help you.

Difference between IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) & OTT (Over the Top service)

Both IPTV & OTT services are the latest technologies which are used to deliver content to online users. But there is a big difference between them w.r.t the system by which they deliver the contents. Here in this blog, we are here to discuss exactly on this. This blog is written in such a way that even a newcomer will also easily get to understand these difficult terms & will easily understand the basics. This blog is definitely for you if you are planning to start an IPTV/OTT subscription-based business.

video streaming over IP

OTT is no doubt one of the trendiest concepts in the world of video streaming at present because this technology is the main connection between the TV & the digital realm.

Why OTT/IPTV is such a trendy topic?

Don’t get nervous that this OTT concept will go over your head. The purpose of OTT is simple. OTT just wants to provide your video streaming services at anytime, anywhere & in any system. Generally, people used to prefer those ISPs or online services providers who used to provide OTT or IPTV services than those providers who don’t provide them.

Definition of OTT

Generally, OTT is the full form of Over the Top media services, i.e., such type of technology which uses the traditional cable to deliver VOD services over the internet. For users to avail the services of OTT, they don’t have to pay any charges to their local cable operators. Some great examples of OTT service providers are Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix etc.

Definition of IPTV

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is used to deliver streaming contents via the internet. Generally, IPTV is used to watch TV on the internet. It is completely the opposite of watching TV over your local cable. The most advantage of using IPTV services is that you don’t have to pay a dent to your local cable operator. IPTV uses small parts of data to stream directly the videos to the users.

Which is better? IPTV or OTT?

Both IPTV OTT mobile apps uses the internet to stream media directly the videos. Then there is the difference between them?

Although IPTV & OTT services are there just for delivering media contents over the internet OTT is used on open internet which is unmanaged. IPTV generally uses a dedicated network provided by online service providers own local network but OTT uses a completely open & unmanaged network. So, the net result is you still have to pay an online service provider to access their private secured network to access the IPTV services but this is not required for OTT service providers. This is the reason that more & more people are going for OTT services in comparison to IPTV ones.

OTT generally don’t at all require local cable operators for streaming media contents. You don’t require any set-top boxes. You will just require a public unmanaged network which can deliver any type of streaming contents.

For OTT to run, no dedicated network is necessary. The OTT operator will provide you with the entire infrastructure.

Generally, the OTT provider targets to deliver demanding contents & live television channel streaming. For those reasons, big production houses & distributors work on these OTT technologies. Any Wi-Fi networks or devices can support OTT technology. They generally have a huge content catalogue which can be accessed by viewers to select the channel to view.

Live TV Streaming Solution Development

The OTT serviced providers like Amazon Prime or Netflix generally send the IP data packets to the ISPs (Internet Service Providers). The ISPs relay these packets to the client devices. These packets are not any content videos. These ISPs can’t differentiate between a data packet and video content. It is a well-known fact that the picture quality & the content quality of both IPTV & OTT service providers are completely different. We have already mentioned that OTT requires an open public network to transport data. The quality of data transmitted is completely dependent upon the nature of the internet connection.

So, the main factor which differentiates OTT & IPTV is the quality of the content. IPTV contents are transmitted via secured networks, unlike OTT ones. So, they provide higher quality content.

The content quality of OTT ones is not controlled like the IPTV ones. The content of OTTs is created by unmanaged content aggregators so they can’t be labelled as greater quality content.

There is a huge difference between the qualities of content, costs, quality of service of both IPTV & OTTs. The principle behind the OTT services is that the viewers are given more importance which means viewers can view their desired content in any device & at any time.

Live TV Streaming & IPTV Solution

But OTT has more future than IPTV. The reason is that OTTs IPTVs require separate set-top boxes (STBs). These STBs are sometimes more costly. But at the end of the day, everything depends upon the viewers. It is they who have to decide what they want to opt for- OTT or IPTVs.

It is a matter of question for all IPTV users that why their IPTV providers have to increase their cable’s bandwidth to higher to accommodate OTT contents? OTT is now everywhere. Its presence is challenging traditional & satellite TVs, etc. Now the reality is that more & the number of people is opting for OTT services rather than IPTV.

Who does will succeed in The Near Future? IPTVs or OTTs?

I have already mentioned that ultimately users will decide which service technology they will opt for. The main point is how service providers & technology vendors will provide a greater viewer experience. Those who are the winners will provide both OTT & IPTV services to their customers.

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IPTV OTT mobile apps

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