How to create a beautiful WordPress website

How to create a beautiful WordPress website

There was a time when you had with HTML code or contact the developer to create your website. As a result, the sites become obsolete as no one would engage in updating them. But nowadays, there are many options from which you can choose from to create your website. After opening the site if the colors, imagery, and logo make your eyes bleed, then no one will proceed to the content.

WordPress is a great CMS where you can make a professional website and also have constant updates. Organic Theme can provide a huge start to create a beautifully designed website. No matter whether you are a designer, photographer, business consultant you will always have competitors. Your website can be the hallmark by which the customer will seek you.


  1. Font choice

It is very important to make a great font choice to the design, professionalism and legibility of the site. Make it easy for the people to read your content. You can use Georgia, Arial or Helvetica. These are recognized as the legible fonts online. If a font looks boring and you are not a professional designer then it is likely the way to recognize it as a good font. There are only handful core fonts which can be universally viewed on the web. It’s not like choosing any font in Microsoft Word. For many years, this problem has haunted the web typography.

  1. Avoid Clutter

If your site has too much clutter, then it will lose its focus of the content. More is not always good. Clutter means:

  • Auto Playing music or video
  • Absurd amounts of social media buttons
  • Excessive advertising
  • Unexpected animations
  • Pop-up newsletter forms
  • Other annoying distractions


How to create a beautiful WordPress website

Though advertising is good to create a profitable site, but filling it with Google Adsense in each post and sidebar will not result in more money. So place the ads wisely only if the site generates enough traffic to warrant the use of advertisements. You should focus only on the content if you are just getting started. Anything which distracts the viewers from the content is bad. So if you don’t need it, don’t use it.

  1. Colors

If you are not well versed in color theory, then don’t get too creative with the color scheme on the site it might be a disaster. If it is not your cup of tea, then the best thing to use two neutral, contrasting colors like shades of black and white with one highlight color in your site. Make a wise choice of color which matches the brand.

  1. Great images

Great images can make or break your site. In the new websites, the poor image choice is the common mistake. If you want to use images, then don’t cheap out. It will poorly reflect on the brand. Good images will cost a few bucks and great images will cost more than a few bucks. There are many options to find a good free image if you don’t have the budget for quality photography.

  1. Logo

A logo is much more than an icon on your site. It is the face of the company. Big companies like Citibank pay millions of dollars just to re-brand the logo. They understand the importance of the brand and value of the logo. If you don’t have a logo designer, then use Helvetica. Just use a great typeface and purchase an icon. You can also use your signature if it is a personal brand or site. Try to keep it simple as much as possible if you have to make your logo without any experience.

These tips will lead in more interest and stronger brand in your site. To any business, the appearance of a professional brand is very important and by following these tips will make your business look great. Don’t change the design too drastically. Make a theme which will fit your style and your needs. Don’t over-design the site.