IPTV or OTT? Which One Will Ever Rule The World?

OTT & IPTV Applications for Devices

Whenever we talk on the topics of online video streaming then we often discusses Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) & Over the Top (OTT) services or IPTV OTT mobile apps. Just don’t get angry if you don’t understand these terms & they really confuse you out. Just relax!! We are here to help you. Difference between […]

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Learn The Real Truth Behind The Legality of IPTV Apps

It is noticed with the present generation that they are leaning towards digital entertainment media’s sp. IPTV. This word “IPTV” is day by day becoming a buzzword. IPTV is the latest addition in cord-cutting technology. The young generation wants to watch the latest episodes of their favourite channels in their television sets & IPTV apps […]

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Difference between OTT and IPTV

The big question is whether OTT (Over the Top) better than IPTV (Internet Protocol Television)? Will OTT replace IPTV? It is not fair to compare IPTV and OTT as there are lots of dissimilarities. Though OTT and IPTV share key commonality of using Internet as a content delivery mechanism. But they are widely different in […]

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