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Our IP TV framework is a divergent evolution of our Mobility framework. The two frameworks share a large number of modules, components and sub-components. The Device Management functionality from our Mobility Framework was significantly extended to include support for all major internet enabled televisions and Blu-Ray players as well as set top boxes and streaming devices like Apple TV, Google TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, Xbox, and PlayStation. We make the necessary investment to support emerging/new devices as well as new versions of existing devices.


The framework includes complete Video Management capability with Digital Rights Management and integration with all the current major Streaming Servers, including Wowza, Kaltura, Ooyala, and Brightcove. It also incorporates comprehensive Subscription, Billing, and Pay-Per-View capabilities and integration with both PayPal and for global support of payments from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Out of the box, this framework provides more than 75% of the development requirements for our OTT IPTV clients with the remainder of the effort mostly targeted towards personalization of the presentation layers and configuration of the streaming server(s) specific to the client.



Our client’s company was founded by an Academy-award winning producer with the goal of providing a family-friendly movie subscription service with an extensive collection of thoughtfully selected Hollywood classics as well as documentaries and original short films. Subsequently, it was acquired by one of the largest US cable channels reaching over 80 million homes, but continues to be separately branded and has stayed true to its goal of providing inspiring and heartwarming stories and narratives.

The application offers some free films for un-subscribed users, with appropriate incentives to encourage subscription. There are multiple options to browse and search for movies as well as intelligent algorithms to examine usage patterns and suggest related movies. Users can add reviews to items that they have watched and share recommendations with their friends.

This application is also unique in its support for arguably the broadest range of devices in the industry. This includes Android phones, Android tablets, iPads, iPad Mini, iPhones, Nook tablets, Kindle Fire, Roku, NeoTV, Xbox, Google TV, Samsung Blu-Ray players and Samsung Smart TV, as well as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer browsers. The back-end platform uses OOYALA streaming servers for the media delivery


Our client, Australian Fashion Channel, focuses on highlighting the latest trends in fashion throughout the world with an emphasis on Australian fashions and designers. The channel provides a showcase for the vibrant but underrepresented Australian fashion scene with its new designers, creations, and concepts. It also provides a platform for up and coming designers to get the public exposure that they need. For users and buyers, this channel allows them to stay up with the latest in Australian fashion from a multitude of devices with video streaming over IP.

The application was delivered based completely on our IP TV framework using Kaltura streaming servers. Supported devices include Google TV, Apple TV, Roku, iOS mobile devices, Android mobile devices, and of course, multi-browser web clients.

It supports both public (unauthenticated) views as well as member views. Subscribed videos are protected from general access with our proprietary token implementation method for identifying the subscriber and continuously tracking the validity, currency, and level of subscription.

The administrative interface is built for self-service by the client with  configurable categories and multiple trend groupings for each category. Administrative users can upload, delete, or replace video content at will along with detailed information for the user such as designer information and links, foot notes, editorial comments, etc.